About Us

Gaddis Brothers Property Holdings (GBPH) stands as a distinctive business, fortified by competitive advantages that are difficult to replicate. Founded by four brothers, each equipped with extensive experience and education, they form an indomitable team.
At the core of GBPH lies Gaddis Brothers Inc. (GBX), a General Contracting (GC) Company initially established by three brothers. Since its inception in 2018, GBX has steadily flourished, surpassing $4MM in sales by 2021. Notably, GBX holds an unlimited contractor status in both North Carolina and South Carolina.
This unique dynamic grants GBPH an unparalleled edge by having unlimited access to a GC company, accompanied by a proficient staff capable of expediting permits, generating plans, and executing construction promptly and at significantly reduced costs, which includes substantial discounts on materials.
We possess immense competitive advantages as our self-reliance as builders allows us to construct properties at a cost that remains sufficiently low. This financial prudence ensures that even during market downturns, we retain the ability to rent these properties and maintain profitability.

Gaddis Brothers Leadership

Jason Gaddis
CEO/Unlimited GC License
Frank Gaddis
Operations/Project Manager
Michael Gaddis
Operations/Project Manager
Chris Gaddis
CFO with MBA in Finance
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